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The MD Anderson Radiation Treatment Center at American Hospital

The MD Anderson Radiation Treatment Center at American Hospital is the first MD Anderson radiation treatment facility outside the United States that fully replicates the institution's algorithms and standards delivered by caregivers trained in Houston. In order to facilitate the environment where all treatments are identical to those in Houston all cases are evaluated with physcians at the main campus.

This process can be summerized as "one practice model" which allows the patient to receive the identical treatment they would receive at the MD Anderson Center in Houston.

All medical technology and quality control metrics are identical with MD Anderson Center.

Wide experience & years of practice

Comprehensive Cancer Program

Comprehensive cancer program consists of specialized physicians, cancer nurses, psycho-oncologists and patient care coordinators who work together to provide the best available care to our cancer patients and their families in a caring environment. 



Neuroscience Service Line aim to fill the gap between medical and surgical treatment modalities by coordinating with various specialties.


Cosmetic Dermatology & Esthetic Surgery

Service Line you will experience private and personal care provided by the expert physicians at a world-class medical facility.



Cardiology and Vascular Surgery departments supported by advanced technology.



Musculoskeletal Service Line collaborates with specialists from Emergency Department, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Neurology, Pain Clinic, Physical Therapy (FTR), Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery.



Urology Service Line is recognized for their excellence in patient care.