British nationals made over 1.7 million visits to Turkey in 2016. It is generally safe to travel to Turkey, but you should take additional safety precautions. Be aware of your surroundings and remain vigilant in crowded places popular with foreign nationals, including during festival periods such as Christmas and New Year.

Both American Hospital and Koc University Hospital accept health Insurance from the USA,  but it all depends upon the insurance that the individual patient has.  In most cases, the patient pays the medical bills at the hospital and get reimbursement from their insurance companies after they are back from Istanbul.  So, it is best to talk to your insurance company before you travel to Istanbul for a procedure.

Definitely.  After you contact us, we can work with the hospital to make an online appointment for you.  Both hospitals are using the app called Jabber for easy connection with the doctor you would like to get a consultation from.

The hotel in Istanbul called Divan Taksim.  It is a 5-star hotel and it is very close to Taksim Square. There are lots of activities that take place around Taksim Square. We have a special rate for this hotel, so if you do call them or try to book the hotel by yourself, you may get a higher rate.  The hotel rate is included in our VIP service.  We will book the hotel for you. Here is the link for the hotel;  

Once you have contacted us, we will reach out to both hospitals with your request. Both hospitals will send us a preliminary price for the service you have requested, including doctor name, hotel stay, and VIP service. We will provide this information to you. Once you have this information, you will make a decision on which hospital you would like to go to. Once you let us know which you have picked, we will let the hospital know that you have chosen their services. The hospital will then contact you and the process will start. Medical Help USA will be your VIP concierge service and we will have no access to your private health information. We are the facilitators between you and the hospital.

Yes, you can.  You just need to let us know in advance if you like to stay longer in Istanbul.  We will make your reservation according to the extra days you would like to stay.

You will be making the payment to the hospital itself.  They will be required 15% of the payment in advance and the rest in Istanbul when you check in to the hospital.

Yes, you can contact the hospital yourself and request services from them.  Medical Help USA is free of charge VIP service and we have exclusivity with both of these hospitals.  In most cases, we will have better prices as well as we will help you to make your communication with the hospital faster and hassle-free.  We will also provide transportation services for you between the Istanbul airport to the hotel, and between the hotel to the hospital.  If you are interested, we can also provide you a special guided tour in Istanbul through a tourism company, for an extra cost.  This cost will be paid to us as the hospital only provides health services.  We will be your concierge service before you leave for Istanbul, during your visit to Istanbul, and after you get back from Istanbul.

Yes, the hotel is about 5 minutes drive to the American Hospital and 15 minutes drive to the Koc University hospital.  The time may change depending upon the traffic.

Yes, you can use your credit card when you are making payments to the hospital.  They accept all the major credit cards.  But if you have a special question, let us know we can check it for you with the hospital.